53rd Annual Meeting of Opera Guild of Dayton

OVI Partners in Excellence Winners

2017 Opera Volunteers International Partners in Excellence Award Winners

The Annual Meeting of the Opera Guild of Dayton was held Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at Dayton Country Club. A sumptuous Brunch was served at 11 a.m. Tenor Dr. David Sievers from the University of Dayton and the 2017 Chair of the Guild’s High School Vocal Competition sang as guest vocalist and was accompanied by pianist Jeffrey Powell.

The Business Meeting began at noon. The new Board of Directors candidates were elected. They are: Maria Castleman, Patricia Langford-Finley, Kathy Hedges, Vicky Heuman, Carolyn Szoke and Katherine Thornburg. The new officers were named as follows: President Nancy Farkas, Executive Vice President Bernadine Greenwood, Recording Secretary Maria Castleman, Corresponding Secretary/Office Management Linda Menz, Managing Vice President Education Kathy Brown, Managing Vice President Fundraising Brenda Phillips, Co-Managing Vice Presidents Marketing Diane Johnson and Suzanne Crippen, Managing Vice President Membership Margarete Jennings, Managing Vice President Special Events Helen Miller, and Past President/Development Penny Wolff.

Barbara Bostick read a tribute to this year’s Friend of the Year Award winner–Furst Florists. Accepting on behalf of the firm were Gina Furst and Kylie Furst Johnson. Linda Rountree read the accomplishments of the team which won the 2017 Opera Volunteer International Partners in Excellence Award. They created and produced the new Children’s Traveling Opera production of The Pirates of Penzance. The team included: Pat Ferguson, Cindy Hoffsis, Judy Hudson, Effie Sue Kemerley, Amy Lombardo, Jane Reynolds, Wayne and Mary Mathieu and Linda Rountree. An emotional tribute was read by Judy Hudson for the BRAVO! Award which went to the Guild’s hard-working Linda Rountree.

Furst Florists       BRAVO! Award winner Linda Rountree with Judy Hudson and Penny Wolff

                                                                        Friend of the Year Award                             BRAVO! Award

Penny Wolff and Dolores Anderson presented the year in review and the 2017-2018 budget. The Guild has passed the $2 million mark for Dayton Opera support for the years 2000-2017. Tom Bankston acknowledged his gratitude during his remarks.

Penny Wolff passed the gavel to upcoming President Nancy Farkas prior to adjourning the meet.