Membership Luncheon

Membership Luncheon

Membership Luncheon 2023



The Opera Guild hosted its annual Membership Luncheon on Wednesday, March 22, at Kohler Hall in Kettering. It served as a wonderful opportunity for Guild members to socialize with long-time members, new and prospective members and friends. The Guild toasted a good year and their ability to once again provide significant funds to support Dayton Opera. Guild President Margarete Jennings and Dayton Performing Arts Alliance President Patrick Nugent spoke on the transitions that will be forthcoming as these organizations approach the new season next year.

A highlight of the day was the superb entertainment with the talented Dayton Opera Artists-in-Residence presenting their vocal talents. Each sang an aria of their choice followed by a choreographed group number. John Benjamin from the University of Dayton provided the piano accompaniment.


Annual Membership Luncheon
was held on March 17,2022

The Guild was excited that they once again held this beloved annual event. The St. Patrick’s Day theme added to the ambiance at Kohler Hall in Kettering. New members were welcome and added so much to the social hour preceding the wonderful food and entertainment by the Dayton Opera Artists-in-Residence. The Boutique was available for those wishing to shop for themself or for lovely gifts at sale prices. It was a truly wonderful day.

Carol Erwine, Linda Rountree, Pat Ferguson, Judy Hudson
Event Planners: Carol Erwine, Linda Rountree, Pat Ferguson, Judy Hudson

Amandalynne Perzyk, Henry Benson
Amandalynne Perzyk, soprano, and Henry Benson, tenor