Patricia Ciambro Hesp and Zoe Hesp


Patricia Ciambro-Hesp has an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Dayton.  She was a teacher for 10 years and has been and still is a mental health and substance abuse therapist with four professional counseling licensures for 35 years.  She wrote a book (two editions) called “B.S. 101-Bigger and Better (a self-help book for normal and quasi-normal people).” She has a daughter, Dr. Zoe Ciambro Hesp, a husband David, a blind toy poodle Zsa Zsa and a French bulldog Esther. Patti can’t believe she got Medicare in March and got this old this soon!
Dr. Zoe Ciambro Hesp has a PhD in neuroscience from The Ohio State University.