Tammy Schaff and Kaia Brittain


Kaia is (supposedly) excited to make her runway debut at BRAVO! When not being bribed with chocolate at the many photo shoots her mommy schedules for her, she might be found getting into mischief (she’s 2 years old, after all), requesting a snack, or cooking in her play kitchen. Kaia will attend the Learn with Me Program at First School with her mommy this fall. She loves pizza, her big brother Chase, tumbling class, Elmo, and being read to at home as well as at library story time. She is not at all fond of the word “no” being bestowed upon her, green beans, nor having dirty feet.
Tammy dreams of a world where she craves only lettuce, there are more than 24 hours in a day, and which has a magical force around her iPhone for repelling a certain toddler’s curious (and sticky) fingers.
Tammy received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in classical vocal music performance from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She was a featured performer on cruise ships for seventeen years, and for most of those years, Tammy was a featured performer for NYK Cruise Co., Ltd. on its luxury Japan-flagged vessel, the M/S Asuka. She conceived, produced, and performed solo mainstage shows, concentrating on Japanese repertoire. Tammy joined the Crystal Harmony as Guest Entertainer/Japanese Hostess/ Assistant Cruise Director in 2005, presenting shows in English and Japanese, and using both languages conversationally when guests included Japanese nationals. Tammy has worked as a magician’s assistant for two magicians, has popped out of birthday cakes and stage volcanoes, and marvels at having been paid for doing random jobs that she adored!
Now living in Washington Township with her husband and children, Chase and Kaia, Tammy is a stay-at-home mama, a choir section leader and soloist at Holy Angels Catholic Church and has been performing with the Opera Guild of Dayton’s Children’s Traveling Opera since 2007. She served for many years on the Board of Directors for the Opera Guild of Dayton (and especially misses creating decor for Opera Ball events!) and chaired the Guild’s annual Tri-State College Vocal Competition for two years.
Tammy loves good hair days, naps, and anything caramel. She could do without rude humans, hot and humid weather, and bacon that is not super crispy. In her spare time, she volunteers at Chase’s school, enjoys exercising, and loves planning overly ambitious birthday parties for her little ones.